NEW PRODUCT: Pneumatic Tool Cap

A small Ohio business owner has developed a simple, inexpensive cap for keeping pneumatic tools protected from dirt, moisture and bugs. 
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All good inventions start with a problem looking for a solution. That’s how it started for small business owner Robert Boone of Union City, Ohio, who has developed a simple cap for keeping pneumatic tools protected from dirt, moisture and bugs.

“I worked in a parts store for awhile and noticed many pneumatic tools being returned for repair,” Boone said. “This got my interest, so I went on a quest to see what was happening with these pneumatics.”

As an experiment, he left his own pneumatic tools unprotected in his garage and watched for results. “This went on for ten months, and I saw many things that would get into these tools when left open,” Boone said. “I had spiders and dirt and moisture; one even had a mud-dobber (small wasp) wanting to move in.”

Now that he had the problem diagnosed, he proceeded to create a solution. He spent $30,000 of his own money to develop his company, Intacap, LLC, and the product itself: a small rubber cup that fits onto the pneumatic tool and is secured so it can’t be lost.

The caps are available in 1/4" size. The price is an affordable $1.99 each and they come in packages of five. The part number is 02101B14-5. Currently, the caps only come in black, but other colors are available by special order in large quantities for companies.

For ordering information contact Intacap, LLC at 937-968-3030 or online at

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