New Product: Radio adapter for classic cars

If you enjoy listening to CDs, MP3s or tapes, even satellite or FM radio, a new radio adapter now makes it possible to listen through any classic car AM radio and speaker system; a new product from Brew City Engineering, Inc.
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DELAFIELD, Wis. - Brew City Engineering, Inc., has released a new version of its unique RediRad™ classic car radio adapter that plays CD, MP3 and tape players — even satellite and FM radio — through any classic car AM radio and speaker system.

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The new version, designated as the RediRad™ model RR106, is designed specifically for earlier vehicles with six volt systems, with either a positive or a negative ground.

Using industry-standard electrical connections, the RediRad™ installs easily (typically within 15-minutes) and without modifying the radio or the car.

RediRad™ installation requires no wire-cutting or soldering. Its compact size (approximately the size of a deck of cards) and light weight (12 ounces) allows it to be mounted out of sight, behind the dash.

The RediRad™ adapter utilizes a proprietary technology that eliminates interference from broadcast signals.

Each RediRad™ comes with a 60-day, risk-free evaluation period and carries a one-year comprehensive parts and labor warranty. Retail price $149 plus S&H. Made in USA.

“For the first time, thousands of people in the old car hobby who collect six-volt-era vehicles can finally enjoy the experience of preserving the originality of their vehicles while rediscovering their radios as they listen to music from the portable music players that they already own,” said Matthew Planning, Brew City Engineering, Inc., President.

“Because they are able to use the original radio, they save hundreds of dollars compared to installing aftermarket equipment and avoid all of the hassle associated with that approach,” Planning added.

More information about the RediRad™ model RR106 is available at or by calling toll free at 877 - BCE - 0203.

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