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Shop, Service & Overhaul Manuals on CD

The Filling Station offers essential car manuals on searchable CDs.
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Shop, service and overhaul manuals (in PDF format) are now available for 1918-1964 Chevy cars and 1918-1981 Chevy trucks and 1947-1981 GMC trucks from The Filling Station.

These CD’s make available a search by part number, part description or task description. Print out only the page(s) you need and work in your garage away from your computer. Each CD contains from one to six complete individual manuals for only $30. See the complete list of available CD’s or regular printed manuals online at The Filling Station. 

The Filling Station has a complete line of 1916-1964 Chevrolet passenger car and 1918-1987 Chevrolet and GMC truck reproduction parts. Their 384 page illustrated full color catalog is $7.00 or ask for the free catalog on CD. Order from: The Filling Station, 990 South Second St., Lebanon, OR 97355. Phone 800-841-6622. Online:

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