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'36 Ford has new lease on life after 28 years perched on sign post

Local car club vows to restore former landmark

The vehicle has been donated to a local car club that plans to restore it.

The Daily News of Longview reported that the car was originally hoisted on its perch to promote Bonnie & Clyde’s restaurant, a popular watering hole. When the business became the home of a Chinese restaurant, the local landmark stayed.

It was finally lowered by forklift on Feb. 27 by Duncan Wallace of Longview, who exchanged his labor for the car. In turn, he donated it to the Unique Tin car club. The club wants to restore it and display it at its August car show and cruise.

It won’t be an easy task. The Daily News said the car has no engine or transmission. “It’s also rusted, covered in moss in places, and filled with pigeon poop.”

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