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50 years of Willys-Overland-Knight Registry

July 12-15 convention planned in Ohio

For the 50th anniversary of the Willys-Overland-Knight Registry, more than 70 cars have registered for the club’s annual event, and it’s possible a very rare Silver-Knight will be present. Among the cars expected at the event is a variety of Overlands, Whippets, Willys-Knights, Stearns-Knights and Willyses, all of which will be at the July 12-15 convention based at the Comfort Inn at Bellefontaine, Ohio.

The club keeps growing, and the latest issue of its publication, The Starter, celebrates 50 years of service and camaraderie with stories on member cars, from a 1937 coupe receiving a rotisserie restoration to a Judkins-bodied Stearns-Knight to the story of a 1910 Model 38 Overland touring.

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