Fires claim collector cars, garages

It was a bad week for fire safety in the collector car hobby.
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At least two garage fires were reported that claimed the old cars stored inside the buildings.

An old car hobbyist in Blue Ash, Ohio, lost his car and garage, but got away with his life after a fire Feb. 5. Brad Hodgdon said he was changing a fuel line on his 1967 Mercury Cougar when some gas hit a halogen light. According to a story on, Hogdon was able to escape from the garage and rolled on the ground to extinguish the flames after suffering only minor burns.

The blaze claimed the garage and car, and spread to the attached house. No damage estimate was immediately known.

Another garage fire in Marshfield, Mass., claimed a 1962 Austin Healey and a 1972 Volvo. The owner had apparently been doing some welding on the Volvo when the fire started. No injuries were reported.


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