ACDA Museum adds Cord, Ford to permanent collection

’36 Cord 810 Sedan, ’02 Thunderbird Convertible latest additions
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1956 Thunderbird & 2002 Thunderbird Displayed side
by side in the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile
Museum’s Gallery of Special Interest Automobiles.

A 1936 Cord 810 Sedan and a 2002 Ford Thunderbird Convertible have become the latest additions to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum’s permanent collection.

Paul and Martha Bryant of Prairie Village, Kan., along with their son Tony Carter, of San Antonio, Tex., have donated an automobile to the permanent collection that has been on display at the museum for over 10 years. The 1936 Cord 810 Sedan is one of the 100 hand-built Cords and is restored to look like one of the known original show cars. “This ‘Coppertone Cord’ is an important part of the story that we are telling here at the Museum,” says Matt Short, executive vice-president of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum. “It demonstrates the elegance, hard work and dedication that the workers of the Auburn Automobile Company put into each of the cars they produced.” ? ?

Peter Heydon, of Ann Arbor, Mich., donated the 2002 Ford Thunderbird Convertible. As a serious participant in the collector car hobby, Heydon has been one of the Museum’s longtime financial supporters.

It was an easy choice for Heydon to contribute his brand new 2002 Ford Thunderbird Convertible to the Museum. “It is one of the best managed and educationally relevant museums in the world,” Heydon said.

Because the museum’s collection already included a 1956 Thunderbird, he saw his unusual newer model as the perfect show mate. Heydon’s black sports car has only 50 miles on the odometer and was the very first Ford Thunderbird offered to the public in 2002.

?The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum is located in the original 1930s national headquarters of the legendary Auburn Automobile Company and is a National Historic Landmark and is open daily from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. year round. For information visit

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