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Replica Delorean time machine for sale
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For the first time in history, a replica of the Delorean Time Machine equal to the original car built for the blockbuster film "Back to the Future" is being offered for sale to the public on Sunday, April 10.

This car is the culmination of eight years of research including close examination and measurements of the original screen used cars, in depth interviews with the original builders and sourcing of parts from the original locations using the same parts as were used on the original cars.

For the first time ever, this replica featured the help of Kevin Pike, who was the special effects supervisor for the 1985 film "Back To The Future" and, along with his team, built the original cars for the film. Kevin has helped with the research and sourcing of parts from original locations as well as supervised the building of the car to meet his satisfaction and requirements.

The car being offered is a 1981 Delorean with a gray leather interior and a 5-speed manual transmission. It features the stock aluminum V6 fuel injected engine with some slight additional power modifications to increase electrical output and power. It has new tires and is in great running, driving condition.

Although it is an amazing prop it is still a functional sports car and could be driven daily if desired. The conversion features all of the iconic props as remembered from the film, including a working "Flux Capacitor" made from the same rare internal glass relays as originally found in early WWII Military radios.

The "Time Circuits" on the center console operate just like they did in the movie, allowing you to input any time and date you wish. The "Present Time" keeps real time with an internal quartz clock.

When the "Time Drive Switch" is turned on, all of the internal props come to life with all of the sound effects as heard in the film. The "Plutonium Gauges" light up and the needles jump to position. The overhead console ignites with over 40 lighted buttons and switches and can be flipped on and off. The digital speedometer on the dash can be set to "88" for display, or a programmed sequence can run the speedometer from 0 to 88 and back down to 0 while also setting off other props in the car. The same speedometer also acts as a real speedometer for the car using a GPS system.

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The exterior props include the "Flux Bands" that wrap around the front bumper, top, sides and bottom of the car. They connect to "Flux Boxes" that were originally molded from original screen used parts. The metal mesh bands light up with genuine neon tubing just as it did in the film.

(Special effects added to the scenes such as sparks, electricity and lightning made them appear blue in the movie).

The rear deck features custom aluminum vents that are 100% screen accurate as measured from the screen used hero car. The vents are topped with the famous "Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor" that is made from molds of the original parts.

There are also many extra details including high pressure hoses and braided lines, military electrical connections and vintage aircraft parts that make this car look like something ready to travel through space and time.

The aluminum rear vents also feature a huge 1800-watt concert-style fog machine that blasts thick white fog (safe water vapor fog) and can be controlled from inside the car manually or by automatic timer.

The entire car is electrically powered by 4 gel cell batteries that total 4000 amps of power including a 2000 watt power inverter and built in 10 amp DC charger so the car can be plugged in for permanent display. The engine has been equipped with a custom 140 AMP alternator to compensate for the additional power consumption.

Recently, a similar car was offered for sale at the "Profiles In History" auction and featured on SYFY Network's show "Hollywood Treasures" and fetched $95,000. Auction organizers say this car is far superior and features all working Time Circuits and props, exterior neon tubes and the help of the original builders from the film.

This car is expected to sell in excess of $100,000 at auction and will be sold exclusively at GALLERY 63 in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday, April 10, and featured on the Discovery Channel hit show, "AUCTION KINGS". (Check cable listings for show times).

For more information visit or call 404.252.2555 for detailed on how to attend and bid. You will be able to meet and question the car's builders at the auction about the car and preview all of it's features and props before bidding. If you would like a private pre-auction preview of the car in Dallas, Texas, contact Robert at

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