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Collectible Camaro named for Jay Leno

Concept car created by GM Design with inspiration from Leno.
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In his standard comic manner, Jay Leno fakes surpirise after
uncovering the 2010 Chevrolet Leno Camaro concept car during
his visit to SEMA 2009.

You can buy a Nickey version, a Yenko version or a Transformer version. WD-40 just made up its own prototype as did Hendricks Motorsports. At SEMA, GM showed off a Graphics model and a Chroma model of the “new” Camaro.

GM also came up with the concept of creating a “Quick Classic” — an instant collector car — by developing a Camaro package named for the world’s best known car collector . . . comedian Jay Leno. Old Cars Weekly has to agree that someone working for “Government Motors” had a great idea when they thought up this version and they also did a fantastic job of turning it into a reality.

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America’s best-loved car collector snuck into Las Vegas
Convention Center after hours to tell the press about the concept
car named for him.

This 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SEMA concept car was created by GM Design with inspiration from Leno. The striking Camaro Silver Metallic paint job is the result of a custom mix from GM Design.

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For a comedian, gestures are worth a thousand words and Leno’s
outstretched arms do more than any PR flak to promote GM’s
new SIDI V-6.

The concept car’s modified exterior features a restyled ground effects package that incorporates a splitter, rocker panel extensions and a rear diffuser. Additional body enhancements include a restyled rear deck lid spoiler, a restyled front fascia and grille inserts, a restyled hood with fresh air extractors, restyled fog lamps and brake duct air intakes, a carbon fiber inner hood liner and functional rear quarter panel air scoops. A set of Pirelli P Zero high-performance tires completes the exterior package. The tires used up front are narrower size P255/40ZR20 donuts with wider P305/35ZR20 rubber used at the rear.

The heartbeat of the 2010 Leno Camaro is provided by a 3.6-liter SIDI engine with twin T3 turbochargers sourced from Turbonetics. Engineers at GM’s Research & Development Center developed the lean-burn Spark Ignition Direct Injection engine technology as a low-cost concept for NOx control. The engines utilized passive ammonia SCR to achieve a high air-to-fuel ratio gas engine with a higher charge mass and higher temperature spread. SIDI engines deliver improved thermal efficiency and better fuel economy. However, they have the potential for increased pollutant formation and require careful control of combustion for reduced engine-out emissions or an exhaust after-treatment system similar to those under development for diesel vehicles. The Leno car uses a Bosch engine management system with a special controller and custom software. The engine also features a custom GM Performance Parts air box and a specially-fabricated charged-air ducting system.

In the Leno Camaro, the V-6 is attached to a Tremec 6060 six-speed manual gearbox operated via a modified shifter assembly. A custom transmission adaptor is used to made the two. The Leno Camaro’s undercar features also include a custom Center Force clutch pressure plate and disc, custom machined stainless steel exhaust manifolds, a stainless steel exhaust pipes, GM Performance Parts mufflers and custom billet aluminum exhaust outlets.

The interior of the car is also customized with re-trimmed seats, re-trimmed armrests and a unique console lid. Jet Black leather is used throughout and has Dark Gray accent stitching. The re-trimmed steering wheel also features Dark Gray accent stitching. The interior also sports a black-painted instrument panel, black-painted door trim panel inserts and a re-trimmed parking brake boot with Dark Gray accent stitching.

Jay Leno made an after-hours visit to the GM booth at the 2009 SEMA Show to promote the concept car. Leno and a video crew previewed the aptly named Jay Leno Camaro and it was unveiled for the public the following day at a GM Press Conference. Considering Leno’s popularity with collector car hobbyists, a showroom version of the Leno model would most likely be a hit. Many car collectors would love to be the “first on the block to own one!”


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