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New limited edition AMC poster available

Poster commemorates great cars, designers at American Motors.

It was created as a tribute to AMC and to support the 2010 American Motors Owners Club meet to be held near Detroit. All artwork for this limited series print was done by Vince Geraci, former AMC stylist. The work took over eight months to complete.

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The poster, which is limited to just 500 prints, features forty two AMC vehicles from the 1950’s to the 1980’s including AMX, Rebel, Rambler, Jeep, Eagle and more. It also has portraits of Ed Anderson and Dick Teague, the first men to head AMC Styling. It measures 24” x 36”, and listed at the bottom are names of major designers, stylists and clay modelers who worked at AMC.

Each print will be individually signed and numbered by the artist and will include a certificate of authenticity, a chart listing all the cars and Jeeps that appear on the print, plus mini biographies of Ed Anderson, Dick Teague, and Vince Geraci.

Cost of the poster is $35 each, plus $8 per order for shipping and handling. To order send a check or money order to Vince Geraci 25130 Sutton Court Novi Michigan 48374.


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