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OK car shop investigated for possible VIN fraud

Plates found on cars suspected of being passed off as Shelby Mustangs

A custom car shop in Yukon, Okla., is under investigation for illegally removing VIN plates from junked Mustang bodies. The Oklahoma State Bureau is investigating to see if the missing VINs were placed on manufactured cars and advertised as Classic Shelby Mustangs.

The Oklahoman has reported that several cars from Classic Recreations of Yukon were seized last Thursday, July 8, after Yukon Police and Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers stopped a car pulling a trailer owned by the company loaded with two junk Mustangs the day before. During the stop, officers noticed the VIN plates were missing from the junked cars.

During the search Thursday, investigators found cars suspected of being passed off as restored Shelby Mustangs.

OSBI special agent Gary Perkinson told The Oklahoman that employees were cooperating with the investigation and said they did remove VIN plates but did not know it was illegal. Perkinson also noted that VIN plates from junked cars were found on at least two of the new Dynacorn bodies at the shop.

"Those are obviously not original Shelby bodies,” Perkinson said.

OSBI seized several cars in different stages of restoration and agents are investigating records to determine who bought the cars.

Investigators will present their findings to the Canadian County district attorney who will determine what charges, if any, are filed.

On the company's website, the company advertises sales connections in Europe, Dubai and London.

Source: The Oklahoman (

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