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Old Cars Weekly to get a new look

New size expected to resolve delivery issues
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This week holds a bittersweet moment for some of us here at Old Cars Weekly. It will also mark a bit of a landmark occasion for us. That’s because the issue with the April 8 cover date will be the last one that comes in our old, familiar tabloid format.

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As is seemingly always the case with anything that you have for a long time, the tabloid format has become comfortable for us. We’ve been using it for many years now. But like an old pair of favorite shoes, sometimes you just gotta break down and move on to something newer and better.

We think that is the case with the new standard magazine size that you will see us moving to beginning with the April 15 issue. But if you like the magazine the way it is, fear not. We’re not really changing anything other than the page size. The name is the same. The staff is the same. The writers are the same. The feature stories, columns, classified ads and everything else in new format will be very familiar to you. And we will have the same amount of room overall on our pages for stories and editorial content. In fact, we’ll probably have more.

Most importantly, our mission remains the same. It has never changed. As the first editors of Old Cars Weekly trumpeted across the top of the front page of the very first issue, our goal is simply to “provide complete nationwide coverage of the old car hobby.” We have a pretty simple mission, and we stick to it.

Why the format change? Well, it’s not just for the fun of it, that’s for sure. As editor Angelo Van Bogart mentioned in his editorial last week, most people aren’t really big fans of change — especially in our old car hobby. Heck, we like things they way they were many years ago, particularly our cars. But in the magazine business you have to rearrange the furniture every now and then to keep up with the times, and now is one of those times. The tabloid format is just not as practical as it used to be. Our friends at the U.S. Postal Service have a hard time delivering it on time and treating it with respect. (We can’t figure out why, and believe us, we’ve tried). And newsstands don’t really like large formats anymore. Take a look at the shelves next time you’re at a newsstand or magazine rack — almost everything is standard 8 ½ by 11 inches, or thereabouts.

Actually, Old Cars Weekly has changed formats a few times over the years. We went to a larger page size way back in 1973, then changed again in 1991 and 1996. We don’t change often, and don’t do so unless it’s really the best idea at the time. We’re glad our readers have always stuck with us.

So we hope you enjoy the last couple issues of the old tabloid format, and we certainly hope you like the magazine’s new look that will debut [next] week. We are working hard to make it look nice and make sure it is stuffed full of all the things our loyal readers enjoy.

It’s the same things we’ve been doing for the past 39 years.

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