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'Road Home' aims to restore lives one classic car at a time


Not-for-profit announces launch of program matching military vets, resto shops

Bridgewater, N.J. – The already tough job market is expected to get tougher for veterans, as one million service members will exit the military during the next five years. It is this statistic that led a group of compassionate auto enthusiasts to create “The Road Home,” a not-for-profit organization designed to help veterans return to civilian life through placement in automotive restoration shops.

Serving primarily as a matchmaker, The Road Home puts veterans and restoration shops together through both direct contact on an individual level and a growing self-serve database, which will be hosted at American Collectors Insurance, a specialty provider of collector vehicle and collectibles insurance, will be the program’s charter supporter and play an important role in bringing this very worthwhile project to life.

“When we were brought into the initial discussion about The Road Home, we immediately understood the strong potential link between the growing car hobby and returning veterans,” said American Collectors Insurance’s CEO Jill Bookman. “American Collectors has long been involved with partners serving the U.S. military, and as a result we have many thousands of customers who are active or retired soldiers, sailors, and airmen.”


The Road Home’s mission is to restore lives, one classic car at a time and it’s a mission American Collectors Insurance is dedicated to help accomplish.

For more information on The Road Home, please visit: or

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