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Longtime OCW reader, advertiser David Sinclair dies

  As we began preparing this 40th anniversary issue of Old Cars Weekly, longtime reader George T. Lyons informed us that one of the publication’s first and continual advertisers, David Sinclair of Sinclair’s Auto Miniatures, passed away Jan. 24 at … More »

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Russo and Steele sizzles in Scottsdale

1958 Dodge Sweptside sold for $44,000.

Russo and Steele invited quality consignments to its 2012 Scottsdale, Ariz., sale — and it fetched approximately 700 of them for the Jan. 18-22 event. The muscle cars, sports cars, hot rods, trucks and race machines consigned to the Russo … More »

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Dodge Vipers make a comeback


Chrysler Group LLC announced today that it will reopen its Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit for the production of the next generation SRT Viper. With the plant’s reopening, nearly 150 jobs, both hourly and salaried, will return to the … More »

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Inspiring Artist


Some readers shared an interesting link with us this week. The name of the YouTube video translated is “Charts by car that look painted in 3D!” One click and we could see what “3-D” meant. Somehow this painter can make … More »

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Paint tips and tricks from a pro

The proper painting equipment should include a full suit and respirator and gloves. Also notice the floor has been wet down to keep dust from floating in the booth during the paint process.

We followed a Mustang fastback to Townsend Auto Body in Waupaca, Wis., where it was sprayed a metallic maroon base coat/clear coat, and we picked up some paint tips and tricks from pro Mark Townsend. Even if you don’t have all the professional equipment of a full-time body shop, there are plenty of things to learn from this master of his craft, so let’s dig in. More »

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Restoration Series: Finishing floors

The weld is ground down with a grinder.

Everyone dreams of dragging a long-stored, one-owner car out of a barn, especially if the car is an early fastback Mustang. Regardless of the make of barn find, nearly all of them have one thing in common: they need floor pans. The floor pan replacement finishing method that follows is not just for Mustangs, but nearly every vehicle with a steel floor. More »

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Deceptively Hot: Buick’s beautiful 1960s Gran Sports

By Angelo Van Bogart When General Motors introduced its new line of intermediate-sized cars for 1964, Pontiac and Chevrolet were quick to include hotter versions with hot-sounding names, and the reception was more than lukewarm. Pontiac’s hot LeMans was the … More »

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Futurliner frenzy continues… with video!

I previously reported that on Aug. 5 and 6, one of the 12 original Futurliners went where no Futurliner has gone before — the quarter-mile. Volunteers of the NATMUS-owned Futurliner lined up Futurliner No. 10 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, and set at … More »

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Futurliner frenzy

On Aug. 5 and 6, one of the 12 original Futurliners went where no Futurliner has gone before — the quarter-mile. Volunteers of the NATMUS-owned Futurliner lined up Futurliner No. 10 at the Christmas tree at Summit Motorsports Park in … More »

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A Corvette summer

The Sept. 1 issue of OCW features Corvettes, so the staff has been talking ‘glass all week long. Here are couple sneak peeks at ‘Vettes featured in the Sept. 1 issue:   A 1963 Corvette roadster with nearly 500,000 miles. … More »

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