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Meet Tucker 1052, the 52nd car of 51 built

Never-used and used 1948 Tucker parts are being assembled to the cowl of what was to be Tucker 1052, thus creating a new Tucker with almost all Preston parts.

—————————————————————————————————————————————- BREAKING NEWS: VanDerBrink holds Lambrecht Chevrolet Collection second-chance auction —————————————————————————————————————————————-     Of the 51 Tucker automobiles built, John Schuler’s car is number 52. It’s not new math, but Schuler’s car will be a new addition to the roster … More »

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Please DO touch the Duesenbergs: ACD Automobile Museum hosts ‘white glove night’

Model J Duesenbergs are among the cars in the ACD Automobile Museum's showroom.

It’s a rare invitation to touch someone else’s show-condition car, let alone a rare Classic. But that’s exactly what the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum is doing Nov. 8. That day, the museum will host its first “Night of the … More »

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Diamond Back Classics offers radial tire with look of a bias-ply

Diamond Back Classics' new Auburn Deluxe radial has the look of a bias-ply tire. These tires should be available at the beginning of summer 2013.

A bias-ply and a radial in one Tire supplier Diamond Back Classics has heard the same thing over and over again: “Sell me a tire that looks like a bias-ply tire or looks most like a bias-ply tire.” That’s because … More »

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Coker Tire unveils American Classic steel-belted radials with bias-ply looks

Coker Tire's new American Classic radial tire with the look of a bias-ply tire.

New American Classic steel-belted radials  fit collector cars from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s You simply cannot beat the look of a bias-ply tire on a car that originally carried them. Bias-ply tires may not ride or handle as well … More »

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Restored ‘Duchess’ 1941 Cadillac special sedan to be offered by RM Auctions

One of the most mesmerizing Cadillac photos included in my book “Cadillac: 100 Years of Innovation” written for General Motors shows a 1941 Cadillac sedan with Series 60-style door window frames, flow-through fenders as found on 1942-and-later Buicks and tastefully … More »

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Chevrolet trucks from ‘Duck Dynasty’ stars to hit auction block

The 2011 and 2010 Chevrolet Z71 pickup trucks of Phil and Willie Robertson from "Duck Dynasty" will be auctioned for charity Oct. 23.

“Duck Dynasty” and truck lovers will have plenty to be “happy, happy, happy” about when Manheim Dallas auctions two Chevrolet trucks previously owned by the Robertson family of the “Duck Dynasty” TV show. Proceeds from the 11 a.m. sale on … More »

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New concours added to January Arizona auction action

This 1932 Packard 900 Light Eight Coupe Roadster, owned by Gordon and Janet Apker of Des Moines, Wash., will be at the inaugural Arizona Concours. (Michael Tobian photo)

Usually, auctions accompany concours d’elegances, but in a logical flip, a new concours has been added to the dizzying slate of automotive activities already occurring in Arizona during January. The inaugural Arizona Concours d’Elegance, to be held at the historic … More »

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More Chevrolet cars and trucks from the VanDerBrink Auctions sale of the Lambrecht Collection

This coral-and-white 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Sedan (four-door hardtop) had just 45,000 miles. Like the many other '57 four-doors in this sale, it had a V-8 engine and sold strong. However, it's $9,000 winning bid was a better deal than the rougher 1957 four-door One-Fifty sedan and Two-Ten sedan that sold for as much or slightly more.

Prices were strong in the Lambrecht Chevrolet collection auction in Pierce, Nebraska, Sept. 27-28. VanDerBrink Auctions, with assistance from Proxibid, started off selling NOS Chevy parts higher than market value. Hub cap sets sold for $400 and other ridiculous prices … More »

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Wisconsin senate approves bill to ease restrictions on state’s collector plate

Wisconsin Senate Approves Bill to Ease Restrictions on Collector Cars and Historic Military Vehicles The SEMA Action Network alerted hobbyists that Legislation (S.B. 110) to allow minor modifications to collector vehicles, exempt former military vehicles, historic military vehicles, and collector … More »

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Lister returns to Cambridge to build ‘new’ 1958-type race cars

A new Lister Knobbly Jaguar will be built based on the 1958 race car with many of the original principals behind the project.

Lister Cars, a historically great name in British sports car manufacturing, will return to its Cambridge roots to once again reinstate production of a new Lister car. After a gap of almost 25 years since the last Lister rolled off … More »

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