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1958 Fuelie

Our Fave Fab ’50s Car Emblems

’50s Car Emblems were a sign of the times Driving down a modern road in the 1950s must have been like driving down Fremont Street in Las Vegas today. Between bright neon signs, business marquees with futuristic Atomic Age shapes and the glass and chrome of mid-century buildings, the ’50s were flashy and wild....

GFT15 1948 Tucker Brooklin

12 ‘Gear Head’ Gift Ideas from Old Cars Weekly

People say I’m horrible to shop for, and that’s true — most of the things I am looking for come from swap meets and junkyards, the places where mothers and wives usually don’t shop. Other gearheads are equally hard to shop for, but there are gift ideas available out there for the car guy...

If a bill were to pass, Wisconsin collector car owners could display 1985-and-older year-of-manufacture license plates.

Support Wisconsin YOM plates? Write to Rep. Weatherston now!

YOM license plates could be a reality in Wisconsin Anyone who has read this blog before is probably aware that I’ve been begging for year-of-manufacture (YOM) license plates in Wisconsin for at least a decade. Now State Representative Thomas Weatherston, himself the owner of a 1966 Chevy pickup and 2001 Corvette, is trying to...

A 1955 Buick and Packard face off in the second Youth Safety Run in California.

1955 Buick, Packard face off in California Youth Safety Run

Regular Old Cars Weekly readers know I love to hunt down black-and-white photos to share on the pages of OCW and www.oldcarsweekly.com. Here’s one I forgot was in my collection. It shows the Second Annual Youth Safety Run in Downey, California. To be honest, I don’t know much about this event except each car in...

This unrestored, 64,000-mile 1960 Chevrolet Impala packs the 335-hp 348, a four-speed and Positraction. It was never professionally raced, so it was never altered. But you can bet it was street-raced.

Found: 1960 Impala with all of the Chevy go-fast goodies

Unmolested ’60 Impala packs the 335hp 348 with a four-speed, Posi Long before the terms “pickers” and “flippers” were added to the American lexicon, there was Larry Fisette. For 63 years, the 75-year-old De Pere, Wis., gear head has bought and sold more than 1,000 vintage vehicles, the most famous being the highly publicized...

The Auto-Boat in water — is this a legitimate image?

1921 Auto-Boat: Floating along 40 years earlier than the Amphicar

Was this floating car for real? Forty years before the Amphicar, there was the Auto-Boat, an amphibious vehicle built to haul up to seven passengers by New Yorker Paul Panketan. Although the Auto-Boat never became mass-produced like the Amphicar, some of its numbers were more impressive: five or seven passenger carrying capacity, 90 mph...