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Car of the Week: 1932 Pierce Arrow Model 54

Somehow, Pierce-Arrow managed to lose $3 million in 1932, and the following year the company was sold to a new group of investors. But it seems hard to imagine that the company could have been struggling so mightily in the 1930s, even with the Depression gripping the country, when it was...

The Mysterious Tucker convertible

If you want to start a fight, start asking around about the existence of a Tucker convertible. But later this year are promises that one will roll out of a Wisconsin restoration shop for all the world to see.

Special Delivery: Model A panel truck gets new life

Technically, Jim and Suzan O’Neale’s dandy 1931 Model A panel delivery probably can’t qualify as a “barn find.” Jim actually uncovered the relic, literally, in an old garage. The O’Neales will never know how many miles the truck has actually traveled, because the original odometer was broken when they bought it....