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All In The Family

John Seaman’s ’35 Ford woodie holds family memories.

  John Seaman said that his 1935 Ford woodie has been in his family since the mid-’60s. Its home was Camp Saint Mary, a seminary camp in upstate New York that’s been around since the mid-1930s. John’s grandfather, J. Frank … More »

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Rust Buster

I guess the silver band on the can is the thing to look for.

When you write about cars and go to SEMA, some of the product manufacturers see your name on the media list and send you a sample of new products they think are good for a test.  This year, one sample … More »

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Scientifically Tested Pajamas

The STP suits were a terrific promotional item.

  I was sorry to hear that racing legend Andy Granatelli passed away late in December because I was trying to get in touch with him to answer a question that had come up two weeks earlier. The question was … More »

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Spring Tip

There are a variety of tools for compressing a coil spring to install it between two A arms. Relatively inexpensive tools with a threaded rod having movable hooks on each end are commonly seen. Some are designed to go inside … More »

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College Lesson

When I went to Bonneville last fall with the Fox Valley Technical College racing team, we were the only out-of-state college there. Three other college teams from Brigham Young University, Utah State and Utah Valley University also competed. During the … More »

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Since I do appraisals at Gunner’s great Garage I have to keep up with trends and know what’s hot in the collector car marketplace. It seems to me that Chevy’s El Camino is a model catching on these days. Not … More »

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Sometimes old cars defy logic OK. So we put the rear brakes on the car we’re doing together and when we install the drums we can’t hardly turn them. The emergency brake lever is off and the adjustment is all … More »

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It was minus 9 degrees yesterday and more of the same is coming today. I am starving for a car show or other activity to go to. Even though I am working on cars every day in the shop, there’s … More »

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So has your life changed because the Batmobile sold for over $4 million or because the first new Corvette with serial number 1 brought $1.1 million in a charity sale? I watched a bit of the Arizona auctions on TV … More »

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When did re-assembling a car become “building” a car? That’s what I want to know. I thought the people who built the car were the factory workers who started with a bucket of parts and turned it into a car. … More »

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