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57 Heaven Museum auctioned in Missouri

Top price of $300,000 was paid for a red Dual Ghia. More »

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Chrysler history: the Chrysler Building

Sept. 28, 1929 marked an important moment in Chrysler Building history
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Mighty Memorable Chryslers

Chrysler engineers created a wild ride from a ’49 business coupe. More »

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The ’67 Barracuda was a fearsome fish

The sleek, muscular 1967 Barracuda Formula S had a distinct personality. More »

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Collecting Chryslers: A mighty fine ’39

Jack Eeles’ 1939 Chrysler Royal sedan was once so babied that it was parked in a living room. Eeles bought the car in 1975 with 17,000 miles on it, and he’s had it on the road a lot since then. More »

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For 1953-’54, Plymouth tried smaller approach

There was some grumbling among the Plymouth faithful in 1953 when the cars of their favorite began to shrink. But one thing is clear today: The two-year 1953-’54 Plymouth model run is in a class of its own. More »

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Nomads Will Wander to West Virginia

The city of Charleston, W.Va., is going all-out to welcome the Chevrolet Nomad Association to the city for the club’s 20th annual convention, to be held July 20-24. More »

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Collecting Chryslers: Don’t forget the four-doors!

Most car enthusiasts would probably agree that the four-door is well down the desirability scale when choosing a hobby car.
Many of us seek out either 1) the make and model we owned in our youth, associated with many fond memories, or 2) the make and model we wanted back then, but were prevented from owning, usually by the cost. More »

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