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Snow May Have Saved Nomad from Sinkhole

Zane Zander with his Nomad replica from a flyer he made up about the project.

  Zane Zander of Brillion, Wis., feels lucky. Zander owns an accurate replica of the 1954 Corvette Nomad—the Corvette wagon dream car that was shown at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York during the Motorama Show 60 years ago. Zander … More »

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Gearheads on Ice

When you’re racing a motorcycle on ice there’s not much of a friction zone.

  We’re having a record rough winter up here in Iola, so what’s a gearhead to do? This past weekend we spent three long, cold days at the Snodeo ( an ice racing venue held at Bear Lake Campgrounds ( … More »

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Stroker McGurh cartoonist Tom Medley passes away

Tom Medley enjoyed driving to hot rod events in his ‘40 Ford coupe.

Cartoonist, photographer and magazine publishing veteran Tom Medley, 93, passed away on the morning of March 3. More »

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A New Toy Called The Uni-Dolly

We were careful to make sure the frame cleared the Uni-Dolly units.

  Last week I got a new toy called the Uni-Dolly. Before you go thinking I bought a plastic blow up lady, take a look at the Website ( -or at least the accompanying photo. I had seen the Uni-Dolly … More »

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Will new Mustang be as “fun” as the old ones?

The 2015 Mustang retains the traditional style grille and a hint of sculptured body side coves.

  Ford Motor Co. President of the Americas Joe Hinrichs addressed more than 600 Economic Club of Chicago members, guests and journalists to kickoff the 2014 Chicago Auto Show ( on Feb. 6, 2014. The open-to-the-public new-car event showcased some … More »

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Dodge got the girls right but where’s Mr. Norm?

Here’s Mr Norm with one of the original Dodge Girls back in the ‘60s or ‘70s.

  Around 1967 or so, dealers who sold Dodges were known as “The Dodge Boys.” It’s an image that would be politically incorrect today, but it sold cars back then. There were even “Dodge Girls” to sort of put smiles … More »

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First Mustang buyer beat the clock

  The first person to ever make a retail purchase of a Mustang played beat the clock. To generate excitement, the Mustang was unveiled at the New York World’s Fair on April Fool’s Day, but it’s official introductory date was … More »

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Illinois Institute of Technology goes racing

Alex Carlson put in long days last weekend hauling the electric racecar to the auto show and manning the booth there to tell the public about the program.

  People complain that the young people of today don’t like cars the way we did years ago. Alex Carson proves that isn’t always true. We met Alex at the Chicago Auto Show on Feb. 6. He was there with … More »

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Daytona may need image change with Toyota deal

The Toyota Camry is making inroads in NASCAR racing.

  The Daytona 500 is called “The Great American Race” but that may have to change as companies like Japanese automaker Toyota buy into the Florida speedway’s new “Daytona Rising” redo. Track officials describe the $400 million project a “reimagining … More »

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The miniest Mini was my favorite

I think I’ll also get one of these for my granddaughter Emily because it’s certain to turn her into to a car enthusiast.

One day last summer I was driving to see a car collector to do a story and I looked up to see about 50 of the modern Minis coming up the road. As the cars passed me, I noticed that … More »

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