8003-3 Coast to Coast 40 Dodge

Coast-to-coast car thief traveled 22 states

Old Cars Weekly archive – March 13, 2008 issue Story by John Gunnell Auto theft is certainly nothing new. In March 1940 alone, 1,330 motor vehicles were stolen in California. Both individual thieves and auto-theft rings were in existence back then, but dedicated law-enforcement professionals, like Capt. Earl W. Personius, worked hard to thwart...


The Canadian Connection

Old Cars Weekly archive – January 10, 2008 issue Story and photos by Geoff Stunkard GM of Canada’s hottest muscle car was the Beaumont SD-396 General Motors has had a presence in Canada since its earliest days. Because Chevrolet was, by far, the largest vehicle line the corporation offered, those models became the cars...


Half-a-million miles: Pinto still kicking

Old Cars Weekly archive – Original print date – March 6, 2008 Story by Tom Collins California Pinto hits the mark A half-million-mile vehicle sounds like something that might be claimed by a famed truck company and a prized over-the-road tractor. When the vehicle under the microscope is not a mighty Kenworth or Peterbuilt,...

white T top mustang copy

Remembering the Mustang II King Cobra

By Brad Bowling The 1974-78 Mustang II series is arguably the most controversial generation in the Mustang’s 50-year history, but most enthusiasts are willing to concede a model or two with a spark of excitement. In hindsight, the downsized II platform did one thing very well; it kept the Mustang name alive at a...


Wisconsin’s ‘Cadillac Barn’

In addition to their V-16 and V-12 Cadillacs and the Packard Twelves, Dave and Marlese have many more collector cars. And yes, that Gardner that started it all is still around.