Your Vote Counts — and the Smithsonian is listening

Did you know that the National Museum of American History has 73 cars in the its automobile collection? At any given time, 14 of these cars are on display, but most are in a Smithsonian building miles away from the National Mall, sitting under car covers.  Wouldn’t you love to see those covers come off?

The public is invited — for the first time ever — to tell the museum which two cars should be put on display for a limited time this winter.

Vote for your favorite among these eight automotive jewels in the Smithsonian car collection, covering 120 years of history. The two cars with the most votes will be exhibited Jan. 22 through Feb. 21, 2011. Polls close Jan. 11, 2011!

On the Ballot

Long steam tricycle, about 1880

Balzer automobile, 1894

Oldsmobile curved-dash runabout, 1903

Miller race car, 1929

Tucker sedan, 1948

Glasspar sports car, 1953

GM Sunraycer solar car, 1987

EV1 electric car, 1997

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