66 Ford Mustang


America’s Automotive Trust – 100 Years of Automotive History

Historic coach-built vehicle will be displayed during stops on ‘The Drive Home II’ winter road rally across Northeastern states and the North American International Auto Show   TACOMA, Wash. – America’s Automotive Trust (AAT) will highlight a century of automotive innovation as one of its member organizations, LeMay – America’s Car Museum (ACM), and...

A restored 1966 Ford Mustang is a thing of beauty. Check out this coupe restored by Jeff Lilly Restorations in Texas.

1966 Mustang owner’s quandary: Restore it or drive it?

Readers sometimes give us more credit than we deserve. We don’t have a crystal ball or an understanding of Nostradamus’ writings, and we can’t predict the future.  However, we can sometimes offer solid advice as in the case of this 1966 Mustang owner. When an Old Cars Weekly reader recently wanted to know what...