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GFT15 1948 Tucker Brooklin

12 ‘Gear Head’ Gift Ideas from Old Cars Weekly

People say I’m horrible to shop for, and that’s true — most of the things I am looking for come from swap meets and junkyards, the places where mothers and wives usually don’t shop. Other gearheads are equally hard to shop for, but there are gift ideas available out there for the car guy...

We have come a long way with suspension since the days of this 1899 Ford.

Can you have it all?

  I am speaking to all of you out there that are faced with the age old question of whether to use OEM replacement suspension pieces or upgrade to more exotic performance alternatives. Sometimes the original replacement parts no longer exist and you have to upgrade to new technologies. For example, in my home...

One with nature - if you look hard enough that is me standing on the left side of the picnic table.

Going out west!

  It is funny how some of our best memories somehow revolve around cars. Out of the blue I had a flashback the other day about something that happened 39 years ago when I was 4. To all the math geniuses out there you now know how old I am; you’re welcome. I don’t...

Rust likes to roam and doesn't play favorites.

Sins of an old car

  One of the most frustrating aspects of working on a classic that was born and raised in the upper Midwest is dealing with the truth that, to borrow the title of the Neil Young album, “Rust Never Sleeps.” What lurks beneath the paint and in crevasses will bring the most docile restorer to...


Iron Prices in 2015… Saving those Old Cars-Trucks

  All of us collectors cringe at the word crusher. With the past 7 years of high iron scrap prices the old cars, tractors, and trucks have fallen to the crusher. This has greatly affected the number of original vehicles available for projects and parts. So has anything changed recently? Yes, in 2015 iron...

1930 Model A For five-window coupe.

Who Knew?

By John Gunnell Who knew that in a barn less than five miles from Old Cars Weekly headquarters a pair of nice and very collectible 1930s cars were residing in a non-descript shed just waiting to come out into the light of day again? Before the owner of these cars passed away, he gave...

Brooklin's 1934 Buick Series 60 convertible coupe

5 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts from the elves at Old Cars

DA PowerSystem Help a loved one stay on top of car care with a Meguiar’s DA PowerSystem Package. Here is what’s included in the package: ·         1 Ultimate Compound ·         1 Ultimate Polish ·         1 Ultimate Wax ·         1 DA Power System tool ·         6 assorted foam pads ·         3 Microfiber towels Find it...

1956 Ford Town Victoria had a selling point beyond the car itself.

Found: 1979 Old Cars in 1956 old car

Restorer and reader Marty Martino was looking to buy a 1956 Ford Town Victoria four-door hardtop as yard art, but we don’t think it wasn’t the Ford’s color combination, condition or patina that sold him — it was the relic from 1979 on the front seat. Martino joked, “Old Cars Weekly lasts forever!”