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21st Century Orphans find home at Iola 2012

1940 Mercury

By Phil Hall For 2012, 21st Century Orphans will take over the feature tent and display areas to the south of the F+W Media building for the July 12-15 event in Iola, Wis. But what in the world are the … More »

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Michigan Introduces Bill to Expand Use of Historic Vehicles

SEMA ACTION NETWORK UPDATE Michigan Introduces Bill to Expand Use of Historic Vehicles Michigan, the birthplace to many of the collector cars we cherish, has introduced legislation (S.B. 1146) that would amend the state’s current law governing historic motor vehicles … More »

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Futurliner appearing at Oldsmobile Homecoming


The 2012 Edition of the Oldsmobile Homecoming Car Show & Swap Meet June 16 will feature a special guest: The 1953 GM Futurliner #10, owned by NATMUS. The 20th annual all-Oldsmobile show, hosted by the R.E. Olds Chapter of Lansing, Mich., will feature more than 500 show cars, 100 vendors, 30-40 cars for sale and a memorabilia auction.
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Car of the Week: 1971 Olds 4-4-2


When Tom Eberlin is roaring down the road in his spectacular 1971 Olds 4-4-2 W-30, he’s not worried about too much.. He’s not frozen by any mid-life crisis, concerns about whether he made a wise purchase, or regrets that it took him 20 long years to pull trigger and buy the car he always wanted. More »

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World’s largest Olds show Father’s Day weekend

All-Oldsmobile show to  feature 500 show cars
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Confessions of a Rocket Man and his 1955 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday coupe

Talking ’50s Oldsmobiles with an owner and former employee
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Car of the Week: 1912 Oldsmobile Model 45A

Keith Korbut is a fan of early automobiles – really old, brass-era, wooden-wheel relics. He’s also a fan of V-8 propulsion. Those two fascinations are generally mutually exclusive. You normally can’t have them both at the same time, unless you’re heading down the street rod path. So when Korbut came across a 1918 Oldsmobile, and learned that it actually came equipped with a factory V-8 — one of the only cars of the “nickel era” so equipped — he couldn’t help himself. More »

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An Odd Olds

Oldsmobile’s Cutlass was the most popular new car during the 1970s, but unless you live in the Tulsa area, we’ll bet you’ve never seen a Cutlass S like Charlie Cress’ 1977 model. What caught Cress’ eye about this coupe was … More »

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RM offers 1908 Olds Limited Prototype at Amelia Island

March 12 auction will showcase over 100 quality motor cars More »

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Car of the Week: 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Peter Guidera saw thousands of Oldsmobiles come and go from the lot during his 30 years as an Olds sales guy. The vast majority were probably more memorable than the unremarkable 1970 Cutlass Surpreme Guidera took a shine to. At the time, the car was 16 years old, was headed for a trade-in on a new car, and seemed to be destined for maybe another year or two as somebody’s “beater” before its days on the road were finished. More »

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