Car of the Week: 1970 Plymouth GTX

When introduced, the flashy GTX was the James Bond of the Plymouth line. It had the square-jawed looks of the Belvedere/Satellite line, but was dangerous when confronted, thanks to its standard 440-cid V-8 with 375 hp or its optional 426-cid Hemi with 425 hp.

Car of the Week: 1971 Plymouth Road Runner

Wayne Bradley is pretty sure he’s going to have the best of all worlds with his 1971 Plymouth Road Runner. Not only is his Plymouth a wonderfully restored show machine that will no doubt rack up its share of trophies, it eventually figures to be really cool driver.

Carpe ‘Cuda

In the Jan. 20 issue of OCW, we called the 1970 Hemi ‘Cuda convertible offered at Russo & Steele‘s Scottsdale auction an “ultimate opportunity.” Well, someone “seized the day” Jan. 22 and spent $1.7 million to buy the ultra-rare, ultra-desirable muscle car. Below is what was published on the car in the Jan. 20...

Car of the Week: 1969 Plymouth ‘Cuda ‘Mod Top’

Gary Casagranda admits that if anyone was going to love and preserve his rare and ultra-unique 1969 Plymouth Barracuda “Mod Top,” he was probably the right man for the job. He almost felt a sense of duty in keeping the car in once piece after his childhood friend, who owned the car, died many...

Car of the Week: 1974 Plymouth ‘Cuda

Bob Nizza figures he got the 7-figure Plymouth 'Cuda he always wanted, even if the market value of his car might be a fraction of that. “My friends all laugh at me, but I wouldn’t ever sell this car. I wouldn’t sell this car for a million dollars,” Nizza says of his 1974 Cuda....

Car of the Week: 1958 Plymouth Fury

The 1958 Fury was stylish, plush, plenty fast, and produced in relatively few numbers, making it a very collectible '50s crusier today. 1958 marked the third model year for Plymouth’s top-of-the-line performance model, the Fury two-door hardtop.  In 1982, author Stephen King wrote a novel called "Christine” about a 1958 Plymouth Fury that terrorized...


Is it my imagination or am I really seeing more Plymouths than ever before at old car events and hot rod runs? People today do not have a full appreciation of how big a share of the market Plymouth had years ago. It was a popular car — right up there with Ford and...

Car of the Week: 1970 Hemi ‘Cuda

Plymouth's resounding message to insurance companies in 1970 was: “Damn the  torpedos— full speed ahead!” And so the Hemi 'Cuda was born, one of the quintessential American muscle cars and perhaps the most coveted Plymouth ever built.