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Q&A with Kit Foster: November 8, 2012

Q. I am working on a 1948 Pontiac. The wipers do not work consistently, sometimes stopping in the middle. A friend says he thinks he remembers his dad adding oil to the wiper motor. Do you know if that is … More »

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Fending for yourself: Attaching fender skirts

A rubber gasket on the skirt is required to seal it against the wheel opening. On a Pontiac such as this 1966, the wheel opening trim will be removed and the NOS skirts will be drilled for bright metal moldings that continue the body line.

Fender skirts are a fad that comes and goes. When vehicle documentation shows that a car had fender skirts when it left the factory, some owners want them reinstalled, regardless of the current fashion. This usually requires a lot more work than it did to glue fender skirts to the model car they built as a kid. More »

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Car of the Week: 1968 Pontiac GTO


Mike Bruck’s long love affair with his 1968 Pontiac GTO isn’t one of those “love at first sight” stories. Truth be told, Bruck didn’t even really want to buy a new GTO. More »

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1,100 people, 901 Ponchos at 40th POCI show

Jack Buck of Greenville, Pa., brought his custom-built “El Poncho,” a 1960 Pontiac converted into an El Camino-style pickup.

Activity in the Pontiac Oakland Club International has been up and down over the past 40 years, but the end of the club’s fourth decade brought back a pattern of growth following the demise of the Pontiac brand. That was quite evident at the recent POCI meet. Check out the highlights. More »

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Car of the Week: 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix


If there were ever a fan club formed solely for the 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix, Joe Boccio might have to run for club president. It’s unlikely anybody around is a bigger fan of the big ’68 GP’s than Boccio, a resident of Long Island. More »

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21st Century Orphans find home at Iola 2012

1940 Mercury

By Phil Hall For 2012, 21st Century Orphans will take over the feature tent and display areas to the south of the F+W Media building for the July 12-15 event in Iola, Wis. But what in the world are the … More »

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Michigan Introduces Bill to Expand Use of Historic Vehicles

SEMA ACTION NETWORK UPDATE Michigan Introduces Bill to Expand Use of Historic Vehicles Michigan, the birthplace to many of the collector cars we cherish, has introduced legislation (S.B. 1146) that would amend the state’s current law governing historic motor vehicles … More »

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Joe Bortz to display 4 historic concept cars at POCI Convention

The 1954 Bonneville Special was one of the two Pontiacs shown at the 1954 Motorama. It is in completely original condition and has about 400 miles on the odometer.

Four Pontiac concept cars from the legendary Bortz Dream Car Collection will be featured in a special display at the 2012 Pontiac-Oakland Club International (POCI) Convention, which will be held in St. Charles, Ill., from July 17-21. “No matter where these cars are displayed, they always set attendance records,” said Joe Bortz. “The public’s interest in them hasn’t waned over the years, it has actually intensified.” More »

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Rolling Stones 1950 Pontiac convertible heads to auction


A 1950 Pontiac Chieftain Silver Streak convertible owned by guitarist Keith Richards and used by The Rolling Stones is headlining Bonhams Sale of Collectors’ Motor Cars and Automobilia. Richards owned the car while he and the rest of The Rolling … More »

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Car of the Week: 1970 Pontiac GTO


For a few weeks, Vickie Johnson figured the gold 1970 Pontiac GTO was “the one that got away.” Now, 42 years later, it’s the car that will seemingly never leave her. More »

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