Photos can be deceiving. When my Camaro still ran under its own power.

How long was your longest relationship?

    How long was your longest relationship? No, this isn’t an online dating questionnaire or an afternoon life affirming TV talk show. I am talking about something infinitely more important than that. I am referring to your obsession with your car. In the literary world the word that comes to mind is “personification”...

9-2014 28 years later returned to its former glory complete with Rally wheels

A Camaro comes home

By Chuck Snyder Ever wonder what happened to your first car? As a new 16-year-old driver, I was not easy on my first car. I had it through high school and for a while in college. It was driven it into the ground by the time I was ready for a second car. The...

Millionth Corvette Restored

One Millionth Corvette Restored

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. ­ After more than four months and 1,200 man-hours of painstaking craftsmanship, restoration of the milestone 1 millionth Corvette ­ a white 1992 convertible ­ is complete. It was unveiled today at the National Corvette Museum, where it returns as part of the permanent exhibit. The car was damaged on Feb....

0828 1931 Bugatti-front

Mullin debuts restored ’31 Bugatti

The Mullin Automotive Museum, a Southern California institution devoted to the preservation of French art and automobiles from the Art Deco era, debuted its restored 1931 Bugatti Type 50 S (chassis no. 50117) at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in mid-August. An extremely rare example, chassis no. 50117 is one of only a...

The white wire in this fuel gauge grounds the sender body directly to the frame.

Fueled by frustration: Fixing faulty fuel gauges

The fuel gauge is one of an automobile’s most important instruments. An accurate gauge helps keep one from running out of fuel, or at least indicates when more is needed. Faulty fuel gauges are a common problem in collector cars. Here's how to fix them.


Plate perfection: The art of license plate restoration

By ‘Rotten’ Rodney Bauman While I don’t necessarily recall the exact statistic, it’s been said that the average worker-bee changes career courses seven times in his or her lifetime. Although I could have been a doctor, a lawyer or a famous underwear model, I’ve made a career of straightening body parts of old cars....