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Upholstery 101: An armrest project without too much elbow grease


Fabricating new armrest covers is a fairly straightforward proposition that uses some basic techniques and the existing material as a pattern. We’ll show you how. More »

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King of the Road: Don’t ignore king pins in suspension rebuild

Figure 1: A front axle with all the brake components removed.

Follow these general steps and procedures when rebuilding king pins. More »

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Bumper Bolt-Up: Challenger gets repro bumper

Sean Branson eyeballs the new mounting brackets to determine if the existing holes will work. “A lot of times you’ll have to hog out some holes and maybe do a little welding on the brackets,” he said. “We have an aftermarket bumper and aftermarket bracket, and a lot of times you’ll be just an 1/8 inch off and you’ll have to adjust the holes. This gives you a lot of adjustment left to right, but not as much up and down."

The rear bumper on this Dodge Challenger couldn’t be saved. But Fast Freddie’s Rod Shop in Eau Claire, Wis., had a solution. See step-by-step installation. More »

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Bringing home a ‘barn find’

While many of us in the old car hobby dream of stumbling across a dusty but otherwise all-original vehicle in a barn, it’s a very rare occurrence. That is not to say that it doesn’t happen.

Just about any barn find is able to be transported in a trailer, and many are towable, while a few can actually be driven home. However, sometimes what is towable or “trailerable” (and maybe should be) is transformed into drivable. Here’s how to do it. More »

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Barn-find Jag E-Type to be restored


A 1961 Jaguar E-Type “Flat Floor” Roadster which has sat dormant in a garage for more than 30 years will be restored by British restorers Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth (CMC). This car was the 60th to leave the production … More »

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Tunable Tension: An ol’ fashioned fitment fix


Gappin’ doesn’t just happen. When a body on a rotisserie must become reacquainted with the frame rails to which it belongs, or when new mounting pads and a box full of shims aren’t enough to square things up, you’ll likely twist panels and cut parts to get a good gap. Here’s how you can fix it. More »

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Rescuing the Avanti #1001

Avanti #1001 Rescue Project. Photo Credit: Renee Crist

LeMay-America’s Car Museum continues to make progress on the Avanti #1001 Rescue Project. More »

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Tips and tricks to make your next door assembly easier

The door dolly is used to lift the door to the correct height and roll the door into place so it can be mounted on the two hinges that have also been removed and painted. “You’re eliminating another guy’s labor and now you can raise it, lower it, move it in and out by yourself. When it’s in raw steel (not painted yet), this thing is really handy. You don’t have to worry about the door banging off the cowl and scratching anything because it’s all just raw metal. But it is a time-saver, for a shop anyway. This dolly is really a nice thing to have for a shop,” said Ken’s Klassics shop foreman T.J. Krueger. “Then you can’t blame your buddy for helping you put a door on and chipping something.”

Mounting door hinges and hanging doors is one of those restoration steps that professionals — such as the guys at Ken’s Klassics in Muscoda, Wis. — make look easy. But as many novices can attest, it can be a frustrating job, especially for first-timers, and frought with trial-and-error learning. More »

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Sting Ray in the grass: Neglected ‘Vette to see new life

This 1967 Corvette looks lost and forgotten, but it will soon be getting a  complete restoration after sitting for many years in a farm yard at an undisclosed location.

Tall grass attempts to drown Lee and Amanda Sloppy’s Corvette, but the unique profile of the Sting Ray sports car floats above the grass tips. The Sloppys have not forgotten their numbers-matching 327-cid, 300-hp 1967 Corvette roadster as it slips into a sea of green. More »

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100-day makeover: Restoring a ’57 De Soto for the auction block


Rust to Riches: Can a 1957 Dodge De Soto Firesweep go from scrap yard to prime auction condition in just 100 days? You have to see it to believe it. More »

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