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Car of the Week: 1967 Corvette


Ron Acker figured he had it right the first time. As a college student back in 1967, he took delivery of a shiny new 1967 Chevrolet Corvette coupe from a Madison, Wis., Chevrolet dealer. More »

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H-H-H-Here’s Jay… and Rick Hendrick in the 2014 Stingray

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 2.55.43 PM

Iconic comedian, talk-show host, and noted Corvette collector Jay Leno commandeered motorcade of classic ‘Vettes from years gone by whilst behind the wheel of the new, highly anticipated 2014 Stingray. More »

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Sting Ray in the grass: Neglected ‘Vette to see new life

This 1967 Corvette looks lost and forgotten, but it will soon be getting a  complete restoration after sitting for many years in a farm yard at an undisclosed location.

Tall grass attempts to drown Lee and Amanda Sloppy’s Corvette, but the unique profile of the Sting Ray sports car floats above the grass tips. The Sloppys have not forgotten their numbers-matching 327-cid, 300-hp 1967 Corvette roadster as it slips into a sea of green. More »

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Corvette Day celebrates 60 years of sports car

The 2014 Corvette takes center stage.

The Petersen Automotive Museum will celebrate the 60th anniversary of “America’s Sports Car,” the Chevrolet Corvette, with a tribute March 1-2. More »

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Sixties Swingers: Special ’63s celebrate 50 years of cool

Corvette’s split rear window treatment lasted just one memorable year.

It’s hard to say why the industry peaks in certain years with design and engineering trends, but there’s little doubt 1963 was a time for special cars. More »

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