Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum undergoing makeover

According to an article on, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is undergoing a major makeover. The Museum is creating a more streamlined experience. Earlier this year they dropped the “Hall of Fame” from their name and re-branded themselves as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. They have also updated their logo and opened a new...

This Lark showed up at the Manawa Downtown Car Show in Manawa, Wis.

On A Lark

By John Gunnell We were in the 6th grade when the American “compact cars” were being developed in Detroit. Well, we shouldn’t say “Detroit” because the first of the car to hit the market was the Studebaker Lark—and it was built in South Bend, Ind. Now for history’s sake, we should point out that...

Originality takes a back seat to drivability in the Studebaker Drivers Club.

Studebaker Club is Driven to Success

By John Gunnell There are two types of cars in the old-car hobby, the ones that ride from show to show inside a trailer and the ones that are driven and enjoyed as running and functioning road machines. The Studebaker Drivers Club ( is a successful hobby organization that has built its membership on...


Car of the Week: 1963 Studebaker Avanti R2

It probably isn’t 100 percent accurate to call Jason Ford’s 1963 Studebaker Avanti his “daily driver.” But it’s close. The Luxemburg, Wis., resident doesn’t drive his stunning gray Avanti when there is salt or sand on the Wisconsin roads, and he usually has to shut the car down for at least a few weeks...


Studebaker Museum receives ‘exquisite’ donation

It had been on The Studebaker National Museum’s “wish list” for years. So when Charlie Hayes spotted an ad for the fully restored 1932 Studebaker President St. Regis Brougham, he contacted the owners immediately. Today, the extraordinary classic is proudly displayed in the museum.