San Antonio Auction

Dan Cruze Classics teams with Speed Digital

CHARLOTTE, N.C., /PRNewswire/ – Dan Kruse Classics and Speed Digital have joined forces to improve the Classic Car Auction experience for dealers, consignors, and bidders. The partnership will go into effect during the March 24-26 Dan Kruse Classic Car Auction in San Antonio, Texas. Having been in business since 1972, Dan Kruse Classics is a...

Thousands of graffiti artists have added their marks to the Cadillac Ranch cars, which were first planted in the Texas earth in 1974.

Forever Fin-tastic: Cadillac Ranch still standing tall at 40

By Terry V. Boyce; photos by Wyatt McSpadden Among the man-made attractions peppering the pathway of America’s legendary Route 66 “Mother Road,” none is more iconic than Cadillac Ranch — a “sculpture” consisting of 10 vintage Cadillacs quite literally planted in a Texas cow pasture. Sometimes called a later-day Stonehenge, Cadillac Ranch is so...