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The rights of summer

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It seemed like it took forever, but summer is finally here. The official “car season” is in full swing and all is right in the world of car junkies.

If you are like me, your attention turns to the road and your keen eye for vintage iron is alert to the classics that have awoken from their dreary winter slumber. For the most part you recognize the local cars that are a staple on your hometown streets, but every so often you spot a few new faces on the road. A casual thumbs up is always a welcomed gesture, signaling that you appreciate all the hard work they have poured into keeping their piece of history on the road.

The yearly game of “guess what make, model and year” a car is from a distance is makes daily driving more enjoyable. I have to confess that I find myself going a bit faster than I should trying to close distances on the highways to get a closer look at cool cars. To all of the highway patrol officers out there, please be understanding of my plight. I also find myself giving my kids a dissertation on the subtle differences between years of a car model. I get the usual blank stare and occasionally get a response when they find the car interesting enough to pull themselves away from their phones.

In the North, summer also brings one of the greatest aspects of the car hobby that many lucky souls in the South take for granted – windows down road tripping with your favorite tunes. Nothing is better than driving down a wide open country road with the 2-60 A/C blowing (2 windows down going 60+mph) with your tunes providing the soundtrack for whatever you are feeling that day. Call it stress relief, call it meditation, I call it being in the summer driving zone. It doesn’t’ t matter if you’re into country or metal, it is about being in the moment in tune with the car, the road and the music. No matter how crappy your day may have been, driving in that zone gives you a sense of calm and clarity.

I would be remiss if I did not touch upon one other glorious gift that summer bestows upon us – our local car shows and gatherings. We are all one family when it comes to our love of cars. Appreciation is abundant and the shared dedication we have for the hobby keeps the joy alive. Even if you see a car at a show that does not appeal to you, you still respect the passion and car the owner puts into their ride.

We are in the heat of show season, and I am fortunate enough to work at Old Cars, where we are associated with the Iola Car Show. The Iola Car Show also happens to be one of the Midwest’s largest car shows. I have been attending the Iola Car Show long before I became part of the Old Cars team. Now I get paid to ogle the classics and talk to fellow car fanatics. Life is good!

If you are anywhere near central Wisconsin July 6-8, stop by Iola 2017 and say hello. If not, check out our car show calendar listing and enjoy the summer the way it was meant to be enjoyed… with good friends and cool cars.

Click on the link below for a car show listings.

Click on the link for information on the Iola Car Show.

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