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Finding shelter when you need it

Inflatible work or storage stations by FAST Shelter.
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Nothing damages a vintage or classic automobile like the elements. That makes the FAST Shelter inflatable workstation the perfect solution for the hobbyist.

FAST Shelter workstations are designed to be used for many applications, including mobile body repair, window tinting and glass replacement, interior restoration and auto detailing. Or, simply as a fast shelter for your perfectly polished wheels on that rainy day at the car show.

The units self-inflate and can be stowed away in a convenient, portable package.

Earlier this year, the company introduced its filtered vent system for use with the inflatable structures. The filtered system is designed to remove paint particulates as small as 10 microns from the interior of the workstation and discharge through a filtered exhaust above the shelter.

The exhaust fan is a turbine type with a 1/4 hp sealed motor. Moving the air at 2500 cubic feet per minute, the fan insures a steady flow of filtered exhaust. Its low amp draw makes it especially useful for technicians who are operating with a generator or other power limitations.

The exhaust ducting is a fabric tube which attaches to the top of the shelter by a snap clip. By exhausting over the shelter the fumes are directed away from the technician.

For more information contact FAST Shelter, 659 South 2nd Ave, Phoenixville PA 19460; phone: 610415-0225; or email: Web site:


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