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New Product: Plastex repair kits

Repairs plastics, metals, woods and more

To the rescue comes Plastex Plastic Repair Kit from G.T. Motorsports.

Plastex is designed to easily glue, fill gaps, repair stripped threads and remake tabs or other small parts in just minutes. Making the kit unique is a re-usable molding bar that makes repairing or reproducing any small plastic part possible.

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Each Plastex kit comes with all the basic supplies needed for repair, plus an instruction video and CD/DVD. Kits come in four sizes: small, regular, master tech, and shop tech. Prices range from $13.95 and up depending on size.

Plastex powders are available in colors of blue, green, orange and red, but can be sanded and painted as needed.

Other kits by Plastex include Plastex-3000 Adhesive that bonds most polyethylene, polyproplyene and polyolefin materials without heat or special surface treatments, and can bond dissimilar materials including various metals and plastics to metals. It also works on wood, glass or any structural repairs that require high strength, such as ATV or dirt bike fuel tanks and fenders.

Plastex-5000 Metal Epoxyrepairs metal castings, crank cases, cylinder heads, fuel tanks, radiators and pipe fittings. It bonds to metals, woods, fiberglass, glass, porcelain and most plastics. It is impervious to gasoline, diesel fuel and most chemicals and solvents. It is waterproof and non-corrosive.

For more information go to To order or locate the nearest Plastex dealer call 775-853-3377.


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