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Could have been worse

Kurt Kelsey of Iowa City, Iowa, is an old friend and a big dealer in NOS Pontiac parts. A few weeks ago, while driving my ’53 Catalina to the Pontiac club ( convention, I heard a ratting noise under the … More »

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Royal treatment

  Once Pontiac set out to become General Motors high-performance division around 1959, it needed a dealer to build racing cars. Ace Wilson’s dealership was near the factory and Jim Wangers talked him into the new job. The whole story … More »

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Could It Be?

  In 1974 we drove a 1953 Pontiac to the second annual convention of the Pontiac Club (, that was held in Wichita, Kansas. In 2014, we drove a different 1953 Pontiac to the 42nd annual POCI convention. A lot … More »

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  I’ve got to hand it to the Studebaker Drivers Club (—the organization does a great job keeping the passion for those South Bend buggies alive. We were recently in a meeting where the size of various car clubs came … More »

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Back From the ‘50s

Our travels recently took us to the Pontiac club ( show in Wichita, Kan. We drove the ’53 Catalina down to Kansas, heading out to Albert Lea, Minn., and then traveling south on I-35 nearly all the way to our … More »

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Friday Evening Fun

  Although I live in Iola where Old Cars weekly is headquartered, my restoration shop business Gunner’s Great Garage is located 15 miles to the east in Manawa, Wis. The city of Manawa has a downtown revitalization program going and … More »

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All Dressed Up

We went to out first old car show around 1959 at a very old-fashioned drive-in restaurant on Staten Island, N.Y. called Al Deppe’s. Actually, the show was across the street at the Kiwanis Club. This was so long ago, that … More »

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Wisconsin Auto Museum

  The Wisconsin Automotive Museum ( is a great place to stop when traveling to or from the Iola Old Car Show ( The museum located near downtown Hartford, Wis., provides a rare opportunity to see the largest assembled group … More »

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AM VAN AMC concept heads to Kenosha County for AMO meet

Bortz Auto Collection loans the ‘CONCEPT 80’ AMC AM VAN to the Kenosha County Historical Society for display throughout Kenosha Homecoming The Kenosha County Historical Society will be displaying the 1977 AMC AM VAN prototype from this July to September … More »

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The Carl Davis Collection


Carl Davis to sell his collection of cars and trucks along with 50-plus old tractors at VanDerBrink’s Aug. 16 auction. More »

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