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Airflow meet in Springfield to feature Art Deco Chrysler, De Soto and Dodge truck models

The Airflow cheated the wind like the super streamliner trains of the Art Deco era.

Only a few hundred Airflow automobiles are believed to still exist and this week, fans of the wind-cheating Airflow models from Chrysler, De Soto and Dodge’s truck line can examine some of the survivors up close and personal during the … More »

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Get Your Home Garage Organized like a Pro Shop

Sturdy rack holds tires.

  Many classic car hobbyists only have a standard home garage. So how can you turn a regular two-car garage into a mini man cave” Jody Schmeisser of Pit Pal Products ( brought his Get Organized Garage to the Performance … More »

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Ringbrothers’ Mustang

This Ringbrothers Mustang project sports new blue paint.

The award-winning Mustangs built by Ringbrothers in Spring Green. Wis., took Golden Builder Awards at the Hot Rod & Restoration Show. Mike and Jim Ring are known for making dream machines. While Ford “pony cars” aren’t the only type they … More »

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Flower Power

Hippie horsepower.

The ’69 Plymouth Barracuda Mod Top model summed up the flower child movement of the ‘60s, but it also had “flower power” with a 340-cid V-8. Only 1,021 Mod-Top Barracuda or ‘Cudas were made and few had 340s. According to … More »

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This is going to be a budget restoration project.

My son Jesse spent his first week of Studebaker ownership pulling the standard transmission, electric overdrive unit and “Big Six” engine out of his ’49 Commander Starlight Coupe. That engine had been “stuck” for 30 years and while we’re sure … More »

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Details of a 283 powered 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Sedan with 2 miles

The dusty 283-cid V-8 in the 2-mile 1959 Bel Air, before Smith began cleaning the car. Note the overspray of Chevy orange paint on the exhaust manifold.

Myron Smith and his father each bought new 1959 Chevrolets — 55 years apart. The elder Smith bought a new El Camino, and Myron bought one of the five unsold 1959 Chevrolet four-doors from the Lambrecht Collection auction on Sept. … More »

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On the Road Again

We lost the skirts on an East Coast trip. They blew off and into a semi.

  On the morning of Sunday June 15  we’ll be back on the road again in our timeworn, but reliable ’53 Pontiac Catalina. This time we’re heading for the Pontiac Oakland Club International ( 2014 Convention in downtown Wichita, Kan., … More »

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A New Old-Car Adventure – ’49 Studebaker

The 1949 Studebaker Commander looks nice, but may need an engine.

Back on May 13 we told you about our trip to Kelsey Tire Co. ( in the Lake of the Ozarks area and how we were looking for an old car that my son Jesse could squeeze into his budget. … More »

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Right up the road to Bear Creek

Dave Yaeger’s red and white 1955 Ford Crown Vic.

Bear Creek is a farming town in Waupaca County, Wis., that’s like many other rural villages in America. It has a population of 838 people and not a lot to do on a Friday night, so an old-car show is … More »

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Fox Valley Street Rods Visit Iola Area

1948 Pontiac Streamliner.

  On Friday May 24 about 50 members of the Fox Valley Street Rod Assoc., of Grand Chute, Wis., came to a dirt airport in Ogdensburg to put on an impromptu car show and help Aviators by Design ( draw … More »

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