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State Farm Garage insured having lots of ideas

The model car display unit was definitely very cool.

  A few years back, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company had a “Garage Makeover” Sweepstakes in which they gave away a $35,000 garage redo by a company called GarageMahals ( that hails from Scottsdale, Ariz. Someone at the insurance … More »

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Mustang goes ‘old school’ interactive in Chi-Town

Ford had about a half dozen Mustang pinball machines at the Chicago Auto Show.

  Ford must be selling Mustangs like hot cakes because there was a bunch of Mustang activity going on at the Chicago Auto Show last week. A word that you hear a lot at these shindigs is “interactive” and what … More »

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Thinking Big

The “outside” cars like this ’57 Chevy lure highway travelers in.

  Russ Noel of Country Classic Cars LLC ( thinks big. Why else would he have 500 vintage cars stuffed into four buildings along the pie-shaped juncture of Route 66 and I-55 in Staunton, Ill.? If you’ve driven past that … More »

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The Graying of the Hobby

Restoration means putting things back to original and gray is original here.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage “every car tells a story.” In most cases, those stories involve how the car was purchased, who owned it, how it came to be restored and other such facts of the vehicle’s ownership … More »

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Funeral Cars and Artifacts

This is not a Toyota with rusty hubcaps wearing a hat. It’s a Japanese funeral car.

  Funeral service vehicles ranging from an elegant horse-drawn 19th-century funeral carriage to the actual hearses used in the state funeral services of U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford can be seen at the National Museum of Funeral History … More »

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Volo Museum Fights Car Cabin Fever

Calling Dick Tracy! Calling Dick Tracy! A visit to Volo can cure Car Cabin Fever.

  It’s a cold, snowy year in the Midwest and if you’re like me you have “Car Cabin Fever.” The Volo Museum ( is a good cure for this disease that’s prevalent here in the Rust Belt part of the … More »

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Backroads Gold

Coker will looking for barn finds like this “amazingly authentic” unrestored 1924 Mercer that appeared at the SEMA Show in 2012.

Last September, at the Antique Motorcycle Club of America National Meet in Davenport, Iowa, I was woofing down some kind of sandwich at the food stand while talking to Jeff and Sharon Powell, a couple of first-class MG and bicycle … More »

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Blowin’ in the Wind

This stately looking classic British saloon didn’t seem to turn a young Dylan’s head. I guess he likes modern, “Establishment” looking Chryslers better.

Did anyone else have some problems with the Chrysler commercial Bob Dylan did for the Super Bowl? First of all, I never knew that Mr. Anti-Establishment Dylan had such a commercial streak in him. I also have a hard job … More »

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Josh Malks’ 1936 Cord 810 donated to Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

Cord 810 and owner Josh Malks known for their worldwide travels Betty Malks has donated the late Josh B. Malks’ 1936 Cord 810 Westchester sedan to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in Auburn, Ind. Malks was recognized around the … More »

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Resto Strip Down: The Skyscraper Approach

Sturdy wire shelves that roll on wheels, like this one, hold many parts.

  Almost every book we’ve ever read about auto restoration tells you that you need a minimum of three vehicle spaces to accommodate a restoration project: You need a space the size of a car to store the car in. … More »

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