Model T

First Ford Model T plant opened to the public

Preservation Effort Opens Ford’s First Model T Plant The century-old factory and office where Henry Ford created his historic Model T car is now welcoming visitors with extended opening hours. Ford’s Piquette Avenue plant has been restored and opened to the public by a group of preservationists and Ford history enthusiasts who have worked...


Famous Ford collector Edward Towe, 97, dies

  Kristin Updegraff informed us that her father Edward Towe — of Towe Antique Ford Museum fame — has passed away. The following is his complete obituary: Edward Towe Edward Towe, a Montana banker, rancher, and entrepreneur, died March 13, 2012, 38 days before his 98th birthday, of natural causes at the home of...

Car of the Week: 1926 Ford Model T hot rod

Clayton Paddison figures if he had lived eight decades ago, and he had designs on putting together a rod in his back yard, he’d have produced something very similar to the modified 1926 Ford Model T roadster that is now his baby.

Car of the Week: The 1909 Ford Model T

The 1900-09 Ford Model T was, quite simply, a car that changed history. The "Tin Lizzie"  was probably the most noteworthy automobile ever built, and launch to Ford Motor Company to unmatched heights.

Model T never seems to go out of style

The Ford Model T was an immensely popular and beloved car. Rugged, adaptable and straightforward, it was useful as everything from a delivery vehicle to a station wagon to a pickup, not to mention a touring, a roadster and a coupe. The Model A was a better match to contemporary roads and the demands...