Model T

On exhibit: Gilmore explores Dust Bowl, Depression and drives

HICKORY CORNERS, Mich. – The images from the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl of the 1930s are haunting – long lines at soup kitchens, farms buried by dirt and gaunt faces peering out from dilapidated autos piled high with their only possessions. But that is only part of the story....

Car of the Week: 1923 Ford Model T express pickup

Certainly one of R.C. Ayers' coolest “toys” was the 1923 Ford Model T express pickup that has been in the family about 30 years. It wasn’t cool just because it was constructed so carefully and beautifully, and went on to become a prolific gatherer of AACA hardware.

ACD Museum kicks off festival with 12 classics for sale in benefit

The Seventh Annual Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum’s Benefit Extravaganza will be at 6 p.m. Aug. 30. This is the Museum’s premier event of the ACD Festival Weekend. Each year automobiles (not from the museum’s collection) are auctioned at the event with proceeds benefiting the educational programming efforts of the Museum....

First Ford Model T plant opened to the public

Preservation Effort Opens Ford’s First Model T Plant The century-old factory and office where Henry Ford created his historic Model T car is now welcoming visitors with extended opening hours. Ford’s Piquette Avenue plant has been restored and opened to the public by a group of preservationists and Ford history enthusiasts...

Famous Ford collector Edward Towe, 97, dies

  Kristin Updegraff informed us that her father Edward Towe — of Towe Antique Ford Museum fame — has passed away. The following is his complete obituary: Edward Towe Edward Towe, a Montana banker, rancher, and entrepreneur, died March 13, 2012, 38 days before his 98th birthday, of natural causes at...

Car of the Week: 1926 Ford Model T hot rod

Clayton Paddison figures if he had lived eight decades ago, and he had designs on putting together a rod in his back yard, he’d have produced something very similar to the modified 1926 Ford Model T roadster that is now his baby.

Car of the Week: The 1909 Ford Model T

The 1900-09 Ford Model T was, quite simply, a car that changed history. The "Tin Lizzie"  was probably the most noteworthy automobile ever built, and launch to Ford Motor Company to unmatched heights.