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AC Borgata sale to feature rare Packards

A trio of rare Packards will cross the auction block in Atlantic City this month, 110 years after the founding of the Packard company. More »

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Packard cut no corners with its trucks

In addition to the luxury car market, Packard appealed to light haulers, too. More »

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Packard was riding high in 1937

The year 1937 marked the high point for the company’s prestige and success. More »

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1955-56: The last true Packards

On April 9, 1956, the Packard Executive was introduced. The Executive was a Clipper Custom with Packard front fenders and grille. It also bore the Packard name in the that perhaps that is what buyers valued after all. It was all to no avail. Drowning in a sea of red ink, Detroit production of Packards and Clippers ceased Aug. 15, 1956. This was the end of the true Packards.  More »

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Packard Darrin: One of One

Chris Goes of Lake Geneva, Wis., owns a unique, unrestored Full Classic car that is unlike anything anyone else has parked in their garage. He is the lucky owner of the only 1941 Packard Darrin Sport Sedan ever made. More »

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Unbelievable Barn Find

Just when you thought all the great cars had been found, another set of doors open to reveal an amazing collection of heavy metal. That was this enthusiast’s good fortune when he stumbled upon more than 20 rare and desirable vehicles laid to rest in a Maryland barn. More »

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Rare ’37 Export Packard Twelve Debuts At Pebble Beach

Editor Input Needed More »

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