If a bill were to pass, Wisconsin collector car owners could display 1985-and-older year-of-manufacture license plates.

Support Wisconsin YOM plates? Write to Rep. Weatherston now!

YOM license plates could be a reality in Wisconsin Anyone who has read this blog before is probably aware that I’ve been begging for year-of-manufacture (YOM) license plates in Wisconsin for at least a decade. Now State Representative Thomas Weatherston, himself the owner of a 1966 Chevy pickup and 2001 Corvette, is trying to...


Join the Yellowstone Trail Sociability Run

Explore the history of Wisconsin’s portion of the Yellowstone Trail by joining the dawn-to-dusk Tin Lizzie Sociability Run between Hudson and Marshfield the weekend of June 2-3. What is the Yellowstone Trail? In 1912, motorists wanted to travel long distances. But where were the roads to take Easterners to Yellowstone National Park or even...