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Q&A with Kit Foster: December 4, 2014

  Q. The Aug. 7 issue had an article in Club Clips about Chrysler’s Turbine Cars. I have enclosed a couple of pictures of a metal advertising piece that I have had for several years. When I found the first one, I thought it might have been given to one of the people who...


Q&A with Kit Foster: November 27, 2014

Q. I have had an NOS fender for a few years and neither myself nor others have been able to identify it. I was once told it was Packard and this upset a few old-timers when I had a friend take it to Hershey. They said they thought it was late 1920s Dodge and...


Q&A with Kit Foster: November 20, 2014

  Q. This is an answer to the question from Jim Vouk regarding timing gear lubrication on a 1936 Chevrolet (Oct. 26). Stripped timing gears are probably the most common major engine failure in the early Chevrolet engines. This is caused by a lack of oil reaching the gears. The timing gear oil nozzle...