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No real adventure this past weekend. I drove my 1953 Pontiac Catalina down to the opening of the Pontiac-Oakland Museum. Down to? Yup! It’s in Pontiac, Illinois– not Michigan! Seems that the Illinois city had some cash in the coffer due to its big recycling center and wanted to invest it in tourism. My...


PLEXIGLAS PONTIAC In 1972, rwo former members of the Old Cars Weekly staff were present at the first annual Pontiac-Oakland Club International convention, which was hosted at Don’s Pizza Restaurant in Camphill, Pa. The club was small then and the convention was held on the Sunday after the Hershey car show. In those days,...

Car of the Week: 1966 Pontiac GTO

The first time Gary Pietraniec went "Goat" hunting, the Dearborn Heights, Mich., resident opted for a 1968 Pontiac GTO. For his latest Goat, he went back a bit further, landing a 1966 hardtop that has clearly fit the bill nicely as a nearly original muscle machine that makes for a dandy weekend driver.

Car of the Week: 1958 Pontiac Chieftain

It really doesn’t take much examination to realize Paul Craddock's 1958 Pontiac Chieftain is not your ordinary 1950s hobby car. With a paltry 2,549 miles on its odometer, the Starmist Silver sedan is certainly one of the lowest-mileage 1950s Pontiacs in the country, and it may well be the most authentic Chieftain in existence.