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Club Clips: November 14, 2019 Edition

Austin Bantam Club News packs quality in small package

What makes a club publication “a winner” in the eyes of hobbyists? Consider American Austin Bantam ClubNews (Vol. 58, No. 4) edited by Bob and Cathy Cunningham. Here is the evidence:

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ARTICLES: Bob Cunningham’s article on Francis L. Youngblut proves that retirement from daily work is not a retirement from accomplishments. Youngblut recently completed a wooden model 1932 Austin roadster made mainly from walnut. It is a dazzling example of spotlighting a club member’s creative ability. The model was available for sale, per the article. Other notable articles include news of Austin roadster pickup re-creations in process and the farewell for several aged members who made their mark on the hobby.

REPORTS: The 2019 AABC Annual Meet in Dayton, Tenn., was featured. It was the 56th such event by the club.The report by meet host Mark Gage ran four pages and was embellished with 14 images. The report conveyed a you-are-there feel.

FEATURE: A historical feature on the testing of Bantams for use in World War II was based on documents dating from the early 1940s when military preparedness was growing in anticipation of war. The article was prepared by Cunningham, a true historian of the brand. Bantams were tested for floating, jumps off the ground while pulling weight and general maneuvers. The test received national and international attention back then.

TECHNICAL: If you wonder how to remove and reinstall an Austin radiator, tips are provided by Chris Chartier. His nine images support the text.

CLASSIFIEDS: A full-page treatment provided by members included nearly a dozen opportunities to buy, sell or find items relating to the club’s special emphases. All this was compacted into 12 pages with 42 quality black-and-white photos.

The content of this magazine is not solely from one person. At least nine members submitted considerable material and perhaps a dozen or more provided additional items of interest. It has often been said that a club publication is as good as the club that is behind it. Make your club publication a membership-supported endeavor. Submit, offer ideas for articles, provide images and converse with your editor. Your article or idea may be featured in your publication!

American Austin Bantam Club News
4809 Westwood Dr.
West Des Moines, IA 50265

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