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Michigan Introduces Bill to Expand Use of Historic Vehicles

SEMA ACTION NETWORK UPDATE Michigan Introduces Bill to Expand Use of Historic Vehicles Michigan, the birthplace to many of the collector cars we cherish, has introduced legislation (S.B. 1146) that would amend the state’s current law governing historic motor vehicles … More »

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Carpe ‘Cuda

In the Jan. 20 issue of OCW, we called the 1970 Hemi ‘Cuda convertible offered at Russo & Steele‘s Scottsdale auction an “ultimate opportunity.” Well, someone “seized the day” Jan. 22 and spent $1.7 million to buy the ultra-rare, ultra-desirable … More »

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Russo and Steele offers ultra-rare 1970 ‘Cuda

Convertible headlines the Russo and Steele 11th annual Scottsdale Auction Jan. 19-23. More »

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Car of the Week: 1969 Plymouth ‘Cuda ‘Mod Top’

Gary Casagranda admits that if anyone was going to love and preserve his rare and ultra-unique 1969 Plymouth Barracuda “Mod Top,” he was probably the right man for the job. He almost felt a sense of duty in keeping the car in once piece after his childhood friend, who owned the car, died many years ago. More »

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Car of the Week: 1970 Hemi ‘Cuda

Plymouth’s resounding message to insurance companies in 1970 was: “Damn the  torpedos— full speed ahead!” And so the Hemi ‘Cuda was born, one of the quintessential American muscle cars and perhaps the most coveted Plymouth ever built.

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One fine fish: the ’69 Plymouth Barracuda

Though not a muscle monster, this refined ’69 Barracuda proves to be a keeper catch.
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The ’67 Barracuda was a fearsome fish

The sleek, muscular 1967 Barracuda Formula S had a distinct personality. More »

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Cold ‘Cuda cash

Editor Input Needed More »

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