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This fuzz-trimmed T-bucket was a stand out at the 2015 Cheaterama show.

Fuzz Bucket!

  I was really floored by the fuzzy interior in this Y-Bucket I saw at the Cheaterama in Milwaukee back in August. As much as I hate to admit it, interiors like this are what we dreamed of having in our cars back in the 1960s. Back then people actually liked reading and bought...

Traditional tractors and traditional hot rod.

Fun, Fun, Fun

By John Gunnell The 2015 Symco Shakedown shook of two inches of rain on Friday to become a fun-fun-fun show with Betty Boop look-alike pin-up girls, outrageous bands and a gigantic swap meet. It was year seven this traditional hot rod show. “Traditional” hot rods are those built with only equipment that was available...