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10 Gas Price Reactions Predicted

1. When gas hits $5 per gallon, interest in small economy cars will grow, just as I suggested in several articles last year. Values on vintage economy models will rise drastically. (Old Geo Metros are the hottest thing on eBay right now).

2. Vintage motorcycle collecting will pick up tremendously. Everyone will be looking for bikes in barns. Japanese motorcycles will remain most affordable. Values will not go totally crazy, as once motorcycle prices get up to "car prices" their appeal starts to taper off.

3. Collector auctions will have to re-think their fee structures to keep customers. If Grant Miller at Central PA Auctions can do his July 19 sale with 4 percent buyer and seller fees and make money, others can do the same and competition will rule.

4. Shrinking economy will cause mergers between large and small parts sellers, with the big guys becoming the "Wal-Marts" of the collector-car industry. One-marque specialization will suffer.

5. Multiple single-marque clubs will start to merge to cut expenses.

6. Hobby will continue to grow, but will undergo change as a reaction to high gas prices. Fuel economy modifications will be permitted at shows. 

7. Internet buying and selling will grow a little, but swap meets will survive because old parts purchased on line are often incorrectly described, of poor quality or too pricey to ship at reasonable cost.

8. Local shows will grow in number and size. There will be a shake out in larger national shows with the best surviving and others going by the wayside.

9. Number of hobby publications will decline. Some are already in trouble. Too many serve the same interestes.

10. Club activity will grow more local, with collectors in a certain area forming weekly get togethers to work on each other's cars. One hobbyist will purchase a lift, another an air compressor and a third the welder. Then they will share tools and equipment to save money.

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