Anatomy of the Hot Rod

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I'm pretty excited about this new book. Last October, I accepted a job as Team Leader for our automotive books department and Doug Mitchel's Anatomy of the Hot Rod was the first book I got to edit in this new role. Now, I can't take credit for signing Doug to write the book, as that was accomplished by Brian Earnest, who was team leader before me. But I got to put my stamp on it. Kind of like "Bunkie" Knudsen taking the "suspenders" off the '57 Pontiac at the last minute, I decided that this book could be made extra-special with some 11th hour tweaks in the design of its pages. Kara Grundman, a very talented book designer, had the assignment of designing Anatomy of the Hot Rod and I told her to "let her imagination and creativity go wild." Well, she did - and the combination of her design skills, Doug Mitchel's writing, Doug's photography and 40 of the best hot rods around, melded together to make a gorgeous hardcover book that anyone interested in hot rods will truly appreciate. The cars, ranging from open roadsters, to lead sleds, to "rat rods" are captured in more than 400 lavish color photos. I guarantee this is a book you'll want to have in your automotive library to enjoy. If you're a street rod builder, it will give you some great ideas and inspiration. To learn more about this or other Old Cars Weekly books visit or call 800-258-0929.

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