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Belair Auto Parts Is Amazing

Belair Auto Parts

Belair Auto Parts is a one man operation located in Citra, Florida. Owner Mike Bryk promises personalized service when you contact him to get Chevrolet Bel Air parts. Well, we got to Mike in a runabout way. While trying to fix a gear shift lamp on our '53 Pontiac, we pulled the steering wheel and noticed some rust that could affect the horn. So we started cleaning the rust and inadvertently damaged the horn contact insulator sleeve. First we called Pontiac NOS parts supplier Curt Kelsey at 641-648-9086 in Iowa City to see if he had the part. He did have the pigtail we needed to fix the gear selector lamp, but he did not have the horn contact insulator sleeve. The Internet led us to Mike who sells Chevy parts.

Mike really had no reason to help us look for a Pontiac part, other than that he believes in helping other hobbyists and giving them personal service. Unbelievably, he sent us over a dozen emails, each time narrowing down the possibilities until we finally found the piece we wanted. Seems that Mike's Chevy inventory sells the horn contact and sleeve only as one assembly. He did find us another company who sold only the sleeve, but the price was $1 higher than the contact and sleeve together.

Mike says that lately he's been trying to expand into automotive molding clips, fasteners and hardware. Also, he just recently added a full line of weather-strip, weather seals and window gaskets plus a full line of sheet metal repair panels.

Mike was so good with his extraordinary service that we almost wish we had a Bel Air so we could do business with him more often. Really, he puts that much energy into helping people out!

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