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Can A Repainted Car Be Unrestored?

"Unrestored" old cars, trucks and motorcycles seem to be the hottest thing in the vintage vehicle hobby today. I think that's funny, since the spell checker on my computer doesn't even recognize the word "unrestored" (does yours?).

Hobbyists use the word "unrestored" quite a bit. But everyone seems to have a different idea of what it means. I myself kind of chuckle when someone describes a completely repainted car as being "unrestored."

To me, new paint is a BIG part of restoration work. A good paint job costs thousands of dollars. And if you think of body work, bright trim, upholstery and paint as the main phases of a restoration, then paint is 25 percent of the total. That's a significant chunk.

I can see how a car with touch up paint is unrestored. Many cars get in a fender bender and need some quality body and paint work. So, a car can be fixed and still unrestored. But to me, when a car is completely repainted, it has been at least one-quarter "restored" and that's a lot of work.

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